1-2-1 Virtual Consultations

The aim of the 1:1 consultations is to provide the type of independent, experienced, guidance on financial challenges that is either hard to find, untrusted, or too expensive at the outset.

The objective is to assist New and Growing Companies with their thinking on funding requirements. Going for a loan or some fresh equity is not always the right response when a business needs more cash. The consultations are meant to be flexible, the focus is on listening and then providing feedback, ideas and possible options regarding finance.

Business owners, directors and founders have used the service to:

  • Understand the personal implications of taking on debt and using the wrong type of finance for their business
  • Question if they know what an invoice finance facility costs their business
  • Avoid expensive future mistakes by giving away too much equity too cheaply
  • Learn why convertible debt might be the wrong thing to take on
  • Determine if grants and R&D funding are an option
  • Identify suitable sources of funding and receive relevant introductions
  • Tap into our funder network

Fill out our short form below to register for a 1-2-1 virtual Consultation and if you have questions please contact us via clientcare@efm.uk.com

1-2-1 Virtual Consultations

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