Client Testimonials

All of our associates and clients are available for contact, but here’s a sample of what some of them have to say about us…

David James – Liftupp Limited



“Helene’s professionalism is first class. The service we have received has been exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others”.

David James, Operations Director

EFM Expert - Helene Sewell

Stewart Baird – Stone Ventures



“With EFM we are tapping into specific individuals with a specific skill set. They have allowed us to scale up our own financial capabilities”.

Stewart Baird, Managing Partner

EFM Expert - Alan Dye

Eddie Hing – Universal Networks UK Limited


“Jonathan has approached the somewhat diverse tasks with enthusiasm and positivity and he has been a pleasure to work on these projects.  Where he operates at his highest level is with data manipulation, presentation and interpretation. We have historically struggled will cross referencing sales and financial data from our different applications, but now have a set of easy to update reports which combine information directly from the various databases, enabling us to be more efficient and insightful.  His turn of speed in analysing and commenting on financial information has also been quite remarkable.”

Eddie Hing, Managing Director

EFM Expert - Jonathan Price

Martin Pugh – Pure Washrooms Ltd

“Glyn is an exceptionally able finance director who understands our business culture and strategy. In addition, due to his broad commercial experience he regularly expands his remit beyond the confines of the finance function to deliver excellent advice and support on the broader commercial issues of the business. Glyn is always reliable and efficient and has a high degree of involvement with the Leadership Team where he consistently delivers great support and advice. Glyn has been involved with issues such as funding, taxation, business restructuring, tax advice, HR support, recruitment, property issues, new IT systems, internal company presentations, and general hand holding for the directors!”

“Glyn is very personable and quickly establishes excellent working relationships with everyone in the business. He has integrated himself seamlessly into our business and is recognised by all colleagues as fully effective member of our Leadership Team. I would not hesitate to recommend Glyn Abba to any organisation that wants to appoint an experienced and effective Finance Director to the management team.”

Martin Pugh, Managing Director

EFM Expert - Glyn Abba

Howard Gell – Glanville Consultants Ltd



“Ann is proactive, dedicated, professional and loyal. I’m very pleased with Ann’s work”.

Howard Gell, Managing Director

EFM Expert - Ann Camfield

Nathaniel McCullagh – Simply Learning Tuition



“EFM have introduced us to two good consultants. It’s given us good ideas and guidance. We didn’t have those people in place beforehand”.

Nathaniel McCullagh, Director

EFM Expert - Ronny Munster

Lucy Buckley – Dr Fertility Limited


“EFM are efficient, quick, and really nice and personable. You feel like they really care. They always like to help; they’re a resource even if it’s beyond the scope of what they’re doing for you. Steve has helped us to raise investment; it’s looking positive. EFM introduced us to people who can help in all areas; they’re really supportive. We were looking for a while to find someone for our financial support and they understood right at the start that we don’t have a lot of cash and that they actually want to help you”.

Lucy Buckley, Co-founder

EFM Expert - Steve Plant

Julie Richings – Springboard Research Ltd


“EFM are always very open. Whenever I contact Paul about either resource, or just a general query, he’s always very helpful and seems to understand the requirements well. It’s allowed us to flex our resource in a very quick and nimble way. If we need somebody quickly, they’re always happy to try and get someone in quickly to help, and likewise. Overall I’m extremely satisfied”.

Julie Richings, Chief Finance Officer

EFM Expert - Paul Jesson

Graham Peace – Digital Fusion Limited


“EFM are professional, approachable and friendly.
We have benefited as a company from Jonathan’s professional advice.
We have previously used a mix of in-house & 3rd party service providers. In my opinion EFM are a lot better”.

Graham Peace, Founding Partner

EFM Expert - Jonathan Drew

Chris Dines – William Murray Communications Limited


“The biggest thing for me is that EFM have a really good range of individuals with a range of different experiences. In three different scenarios, I’ve managed to slot in the right type of Financial Director. That, for me, is the biggest benefit of working with EFM and that reflects in the fact that they’ve got a broad range of individuals.
Also I can pick up the phone to Gary Jesson, or even ask questions to some of the people who are placed in different businesses to find out about people in their network. EFM put me in touch with people who can deal with specific issues like R&D tax credits, so we benefit from the network being there as well.
I have used other similar organisations in the past. All my experience before is that you get given what they want and not what you want and I think that’s the fundamental difference with EFM”.

Chris Dines, CEO

EFM Expert - Marshall Friedner

David McNairScott – Trailight Ltd



“I like James. He’s really good at what he does. Very professional, gets everything done and is very responsive to our needs. Working with EFM has taken all the finance stuff and dealt with it. It’s very good. I took them on when I took over the company”.

David McNairScott, CEO

EFM Expert - James Curry

Heather Watherston –  The Green Board Game Co


“Ravi’s very professional and knows what he needs to do. He comes in and gets it done in a timely and accurate manner.

Our company has a very junior data debt collector clerk. Ravi provides the higher end management of cash flow that is beyond our employees capabilities. He handles one companies financial statements monthly and then he does the consolidation for both sets of UK companies.

Ravi also manages the cash flow for one company and various other duties as well. Any reporting that we need doing in the financial area, anywhere in the UK group, would go straight to Ravi. He’s overseen the auditing for both companies and provides week on week reporting”.

Heather Watherston, Vice President International

EFM Expert - Ravi Maheswaran

Dean Gray – Graymatter Limited


“We’ve been with EFM for around three and a half years – I feel they offer a very personal service.

Our business has benefited significantly, especially from the advisory perspective.  EFM get to know and understand your business, so therefore all their advice is in the context of where you are as an organisation and where you’re going.  I know that get more objective advice from EFM than if I resourced internally, so I much prefer buying in their services and consultancy than recruiting direct.

Our EFM Associate, Tony, is included in all of our leadership meetings concerning planning and it’s very important for me that we have his advice and support”.

Dean Gray, Manager Director & Founder

EFM Expert - Tony Williams

Joe Bush – The Chat Shop Ltd


“I really value having someone with expertise and a good head on them to work along side us at a board level, and someone who can challenge our thinking in a way which I think employees often don’t.  There’s a huge amount of ambition with our FD and he’ll take any challenge on and give us a new perspective on things.
Structure and organisation are two big benefits.  That’s everything from budgets and forecasts, through to board meetings and having proper minutes.
Working with EFM has brought a more structured approach to how we were doing things before and added some normality to the chaos of running a business.
I think generally everything we have tasked him with he’s done well at.”

Joe Bush, Co-Founder

EFM Expert - Mike Goldsworthy

Duncan Goose – Global Ethics Limited


“EFM were very fast initially in response to my query. They came back with about 4-5 candidates within a matter of days and we had somebody in place inside of 2 weeks. Working with David has totally transformed our business. We were on our knees before he got involved and put so much in process and discipline very quickly, which has really helped to turn the company around. I thought EFM were all around great”.

Duncan Goose, CEO

EFM Expert - David Wallace

Andrew Forster – Peart Fencing Limited



“EFM got me out of a hole. We didn’t have an accountant. We needed resource, we got it, and we got it quickly thanks to Peter. It was a real lifeline”.

Andrew Forster, Owner

EFM Expert - Peter Cassidy

Peter Tanner – Boomerang Messaging



“I work directly with John Devaney who is part of EFM and my experience of working with him has been excellent. He is highly professional and takes great care and consideration over the work he does. It’s helped us get in control of the accounts.”

Peter Tanner, CEO, Boomerang Messaging

EFM Expert - John Devaney

Darren Phillips – Hatch Interiors Limited



“Charles’ technical knowledge is at a very high level. We’re back into profitability so that’s as good an indication as any of his services. I didn’t have any previous experience of using any external help, so this is my first experience and it’s been extremely positive so far”.

Darren Phillips, Founder, Hatch Interiors Limited

EFM Expert - Charles McKay

James Post – Ashbury Labelling



“Mike understands the needs of a small, growing business. He has great awareness of the disciplines we needed to adapt and the support we needed to continue to grow”.

James Post, Managing Director

EFM Expert - Mike Fletcher

Dez Derry – MMA Digital Group



“The service provided by EFM is scaleable, and it’s an outsourcing solution so they provide expertise. Working with Tracy has given us a better handle on our finances; reporting, forecasting and financial management”.

Dez Derry, CEO & Founder

EFM Expert - Tracy Lewis

Robert Bullock – Bullocks Coaches


“I have liked everything about EFM, from the initial contact with the head of the North West. It’s just been very good all the way through. The company has benefited extremely from working with them. The consultant has brought a new focus in, relieved pressure from me, and brought lots of new ideas in. I don’t think they could do anything better. Mark’s not just a financial controller, he’s coming up with sales ideas, ways to record sales, and how to bring in new clients. It is financial management but it’s also a business process change”.

Robert Bullock, Finance Director

EFM Expert - Mark Davis

Rolf Groenewold – KeyAGENT Limited


“From the request being made, EFM was able to link us to the right person (Edward) very quickly which was impressive considering my requirements. Meeting Edward for the first time was pain-free and the kick off conversation was very progressive. Edward started quickly and made himself part of the team immediately. I was able to hand large areas of responsibility and ownership to Edward to free up my time and he did a great job. It was like having an extra team member who was totally committed and I trusted implicitly.”

Rolf Groenewold, CEO & Co-Founder

EFM Expert - Edward Leek

Jonathan Trimble -18 Feet & Rising

“EFM has 100% commitment to my business – strategically not just operationally.

We’ve been partners since 2012, at start-up stage. Since then we’ve been on the inevitable roller coaster together of highs and lows, lefts and rights. They’re willing to go on that roller coaster with you. Sit next to you and make sure you’re properly buckled in. We’ve made near-death mistakes more than once. When ambitions and cash don’t match up, ambitions aren’t compromised, they carefully roadmap a way forward and help us stick to that roadmap.

We are audited every year by Kingston Smith, who observe how immaculate our reporting is. Our private equity investors comment on our due diligence, compliance and the stylistic aspects of our monthly accounts. We run a best-in-class creative business. They understand creativity is a complex environment, with emphasis on culture not just efficiency. What gives us the freedom to allow that creativity into the company – and to the benefit of our clients – is a fastidious discipline around how we handle their and our money.

There’s nothing else this service could offer me as long term partners.”

Jonathan Trimble, CEO, 18 Feet & Rising

EFM Expert - Tony Williams

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