View Tom Brennan, EFM Ireland

Tom Brennan, EFM Ireland

“For many years now I have operated as a sole practitioner. Mainly in the area of procurement and purchasing. While my financial experience, expertise and skills are extremely important in this area, I felt they were somewhat underutilised. With this in mind, I was looking for an opportunity to expand on what I was already…

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View Jonathan Wheeler, EFM Cambridgeshire

Jonathan Wheeler, EFM Cambridgeshire

“I am very pleased to be joining EFM at a time when many businesses across all sectors will be requiring the support of FDs and advisors given current economic challenges. EFM’s ethos is to provide cost effective and flexible solutions to its clients and I share this vision. Whilst many businesses are likely to experience…

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View Oliver Barkes, EFM South West

Oliver Barkes, EFM South West

  “I am looking forward to be part of the EFM network and moving on to the next stage of my career in the West Country. The EFM network will give me the support to focus on working with SMEs using the experience that I have gained”.

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View Neil Booth, EFM Yorkshire

Neil Booth, EFM Yorkshire

“It is great to join the EFM network team to develop my portfolio as a part-time Finance Director. Within the EFM team there is such a wide range of skills and competences that will compliment my own, giving the client even greater value It will be exciting working alongside teams that are keen to learn…

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View Peter Kuncewicz, EFM Hertfordshire

Peter Kuncewicz, EFM Hertfordshire

  “Through joining EFM I have gained access to a community of highly skilled, like minded professionals. We can quickly bring the correct skill set to deliver immediate added value to our clients.”

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View Neil Outram, EFM North West

Neil Outram, EFM North West

“There is nothing quite like being involved in starting and/or growing a business. EFM’s professional and enlightened approach gives me the opportunity and flexibility to work alongside remarkable individuals and businesses in a variety of different sectors, supporting business owners & entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and dreams.”

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View Simon Finbery, EFM East Midlands

Simon Finbery, EFM East Midlands

“I’m looking forward to starting a portfolio FD career, where I can use my vast experience to assist business owners with their Financial Management needs, and to help them achieve their business goals. With EFM I have the chance to do this, but with the support of an established and experienced network of professionals. The…

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View Hitesh Purohit, EFM London

Hitesh Purohit, EFM London

“For me it was the power of the EFM network and the flexibility of when and where I want to work. This is so I can spend more free time concentrating on my other business interests, spend more time with family and friends and take part in volunteering activities, whilst building a portfolio finance career”.

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View Ian Wint, EFM Hertfordshire

Ian Wint, EFM Hertfordshire

“Working as a Portfolio FD with EFM really appealed to me as it gives me the opportunity to use my experience to help business owners realise their goals and ambitions whilst bringing me the variety and flexibility that I was looking for. EFM also brings the benefit to both me and my clients of being…

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