Ann Camfield, EFM North Home Counties

Ann Camfield, EFM North Home Counties

“I had spent several years working as an accountant, holding senior financial management positions in a wide variety of sectors.

I had heard about EFM but wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to start my own business, so I decided to have an informal chat, and after considering various option, I got increasingly convinced that it was the right company to join and I could indeed become my own boss.

I joined EFM, attended the training program which helped me refocus my capabilities and gain confidence in EFM, and after meeting with the rest of the team, I was anxious to get to work. Interestingly, I got my first client almost immediately.

It has been a very interesting journey, requiring a lot of patience, hard work and support but I am very pleased I signed up to be part of this network. Life would have been so different if I started up on my own, but the encouragement, support and assistance I receive from the team just makes this a better way to run your business”.

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