Tracy Lewis, EFM East Midlands

Tracy Lewis, EFM East Midlands

“I have been working with EFM since August 2013. Prior to that, as a financial controller in full time employment, working for SMEs, I found I was being involved in “other” work to pretty much make up my hours – not that these were short, of course. If we had only known of EFM.

It is so great to offer a financial controller service for the 3-5 days a month needed for month end, to do the work I enjoy and excel at; and this is at a fraction of the cost of a full time financial controller for the client. For me, it also means I can work in more than one organization – which really suits my personality. It has taken a few years for the penny to drop and hear [founder] Gary Jesson say “you can choose who you work with, you don’t have to take on every assignment”.

It is such a privilege to choose to work only with those clients that I want to work with – there is too much to do if you try and work with everyone. The back office team at EFM are there to support as and when needed – sometimes I don’t speak to them for months, other times it can be almost daily. It’s such a comfort to know they are there as and when I need them – other than that I am left to my own, and might I say, capable devices to get the job done for my clients. I’m living the dream.”

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