Building a fully flexible business model to aid the business plan

Sector: Medtech/FinTech


The client company helps health insurance payors tackle fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) in claims. Driven by AI and ML and backed by medical and specialist fraud experts.


The client had grown from proof-of-concept stage to a point where it was in negotiation with a number of potential clients. Hence, the company needed investment to grow the staffing base so it could further develop its product and handle live clients. A business plan was required to reflect the company’s needs over three years which would reflect its growth in revenues, overheads and most importantly its cash needs.

Ronny was asked to build a fully flexible business model as part of a business plan which would reflect a variety of scenarios for the company as it planned its growth strategy.  Building the business model in Excel not only facilitated a specific output in the form of a flexible forecasting tool, but enabled Ronny to work closely with the business founders to help them plan their three-year strategy.  Discussions about product range, geographic spread, client support, R&D, KPIs staff incentives and management reporting all formed part of the conversation to create a working model and business plan.


The work resulted not only in a continuously updated model as the company has moved through two investment phases, but ongoing management reporting oversight with the COO and ad hoc activities as the company continues to grow.

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