Case Study- Business Re-organisation


case study mike fletcher business re-organisation

Two large client service teams were to be merged following creation of larger department serving corporate and business banking customers.


The two client service teams, although serving the same customer base, supported different products.  Further, they had different operating models, organisational structures, job descriptions and performance appraisal methodologies.


Mike undertook a review of international best practice in order to understand what “good looked like”.  He then redesigned the business model, operating model and organisational structure to facilitate the merger of the two client service teams.  He assessed the business capabilities that were required in order to deliver the business model, and set about prioritising the most beneficial changes to be put in place immediately.  He also remodelled the corporate culture and values to support positive working practices.


The final result was the transformational creation of a homogenous team serving corporate and business banking customers, with better visibility to both customers and relationship managers.  The change management techniques used ensured a happy and engaged workforce, with positive impacts for interactions with customers.

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