Influencing Change


The company owned a  manufacturing facility with energy representing a significant part of the running costs, over which historically there had been little control. Natural gas became available at the site, giving the opportunity for a lower cost energy source, however, there was resistance from management due to existing practices and safety concerns.


Work with senior management to overcome resistance to change and encourage investigation of engineering solutions to alleviate concerns. Ensure that there was buy-in from management, supported by an appreciation of the significant potential cost savings.


Worked with management from the top down, to nurture a better understanding of costs and instigate studies identifying ways of safely replacing propane with natural gas. Energy KPIs were developed to increase awareness of costs and highlight the potential savings.


Natural gas was successfully substituted for all propane usage on the refinery, resulting in significant annual savings. In addition, the importance of energy costs received greater prominence and appointment of an energy co-ordinator together with KPIs resulted in projects yielding further savings.

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