Strategic tool for sustainable growth


SME Consultancy and research.


As a start-up company there were often unanticipated opportunities presenting themselves and the directors were unsure which, if any of these should be pursued.


The client needed to ensure that limited resources were being efficiently and effectively utilised in a manner that would result in sustainable growth in line with the strategic aims of the company.


The solution was to devise a strategy tool that took the directors from their strategic aims through a process of defining “what success looks like.” By identifying where the company needed to be in 3 years against each strategic aim and comparing to where the company was now, gaps could be quantified in terms of resource requirements and therefore cost and financing implications understood. The tool enabled each new opportunity that presented itself to be considered against the strategic aims and the identified route to success thereby ensuring resources were either allocated in line with strategic growth, or if the opportunity was not aligned, but still deemed worthy of pursuing, that the impact on the pursuit of strategic growth was understood.


The directors were back in control of the direction the company was heading and confident in their ability to evaluate the impact of future opportunities as they arose.

Case Study: Jo Keddy (Click here to see Jo`s Profile)