Bulent Osman – Founder & CEO – StaffConnect Group Ltd

Bulent Osman – Founder & CEO – StaffConnect Group Ltd

“Edward is an experienced financial director so he comes with the right level of skills and experience to mentor what we need at this stage of our business and growth. In addition to that he has the right attitude and approach; he’s got a good flex approach to working in, what has at times, been a challenging environment. He’s been resilient and supporting. The challenges have become quite acute at times and he’s remained very calm and supportive.

He’s agreed with a lot of what I’ve wanted to do and gone away and done those things, but at other times he’s pushed back and said “that may not be a smart move, lets try this instead” so he’s course corrected me on a few occasions which again is valuable, especially in high stress situations. I like his calm collected manner to get us through. For example, we’ve just been through an acquisition which is all high stress, dealing with lawyers, shareholders etc. and he’s helped me to navigate through to a successful outcome”.

Bulent Osman, Founder & CEO, StaffConnect Group Ltd

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