Chris Dines – CEO – William Murray Communications Limited

Chris Dines – CEO – William Murray Communications Limited


“The biggest thing for me is that EFM have a really good range of individuals with a range of different experiences. In three different scenarios, I’ve managed to slot in the right type of Financial Director. That, for me, is the biggest benefit of working with EFM and that reflects in the fact that they’ve got a broad range of individuals.
Also I can pick up the phone to Gary Jesson, or even ask questions to some of the people who are placed in different businesses to find out about people in their network. EFM put me in touch with people who can deal with specific issues like R&D tax credits, so we benefit from the network being there as well.
I have used other similar organisations in the past. All my experience before is that you get given what they want and not what you want and I think that’s the fundamental difference with EFM”.

Chris Dines, CEO, William Murray Communications Limited

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