Helen Wathall, MBE – Managing Director – G Wathall & Son Ltd

Helen Wathall, MBE – Managing Director – G Wathall & Son Ltd

“I have worked with Glyn for almost 2 years, after he joined us in early 2019 after a change in how we operated, having been introduced to us by David Nelson of Smith Cooper, our accountants.

Since day one, Glyn has fitted in with our unique way of working, and over this time has helped us to streamline our company structure, accounting processes and online accounting. He has consistently given us great advice, support, and commitment, starting initially as 3 days per week, and now just one day, supporting the accounts team with the monthly accounts and the ongoing transitions.

During this time, within accounts, alongside the day-to-day work, we have embraced VAT, the amalgamation of accounts from 5 sets into 2, the transition onto Xero, and the restructuring of the management team, of which he is a loyal and dependable member. Glyn, alongside his Finance Director role, has been available as a sounding board in all areas, and has supported me without question in a calm and efficient way, offering both a listening ear and advice as appropriate.

Glyn has connected with all our team members, and is now considered an integral part of the G Wathall & Son team. I can highly recommend him to anyone needing an experienced Finance Director or Business Advisor. The changes he has made for us have been beyond excellent and I now see him as a long term advisor and colleague”.

Helen Wathall, MBE – Managing Director – G Wathall & Son Ltd

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