Jens Lundgaard – Founder & CEO – Brandworkz

Jens Lundgaard – Founder & CEO – Brandworkz

“I originally came across EFM at a finance event organised by Informed Funding where they spoke intelligently about growth funding at one of the panel discussions. Following that I met up with them to discuss my requirements – essentially a part-time FD for my growing software SaaS company, but also somebody who could get our financial reporting and accounts ready for investor scrutiny, as well as somebody I could use as a sounding board for business decisions beyond pure finance.

I’m very glad I did as I now have a professional FD without the high price tag of a full-time one, as well as the ability to lean on EFM’s network of 70+ other finance professionals for additional specialist guidance.

Our FD, Paul Jesson, is very much seen by both me and the rest of the company as part of the team rather than an outsider, and crucially our financial processes and reporting are now in a hugely improved state!”

Jens Lundgaard, Founder & CEO, Brandworkz

EFM Expert - Paul Jesson

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