Miriam Drahmane – CEO – BCM Agency

Miriam Drahmane – CEO – BCM Agency

It has to be said that not all heroes wear capes. For me Tony is approachable and has the ability to convey the information in layman’s terms. I think the key thing with Tony is that he puts things into context, so it’s not just about the numbers, it’s the meaning behind those numbers and what they mean for the business. He’s a friendly, down to earth individual who has your best interests.

He prioritises projects well and doesn’t bombard you with information. Tony’s involvement with BCM has led to me making more informed decisions, rather than going on instinct, allowing me to be pro-active rather than merely reactive. He gives you a short, medium and long-term decision-making process which instills confidence and a sense of control.

Miriam Drahmane, CEO, BCM Agency

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