Nick Edwards – Director – Version 2 Lights Ltd

Nick Edwards – Director – Version 2 Lights Ltd

“We have one particular contact, Graham. It’s a personal contact rather than if you’re going to a big firm of accountants and you feel like you’re one of many. With EFM, we feel like Graham is part of our team; we get the personal approach rather than being lost in a big corporation with a large accounting firm. We use Graham as the initial point of contact but we know he does tap into other areas of the network if there’s stuff outside his skill set, so we feel well covered.
I’ve used EFM with 2 businesses: My current business is Version 2, a Lighting rental company servicing the television industry. As a start up it was excellent to have someone like EFM working beside us, with their wide expertise, having been through it with many other companies. As a small business owner that advice is invaluable. With my previous company, Aurora lighting Hire, we successfully sold the company to a large american company in 2015. During the sales process it was invaluable having EFM by our side to advise us as it’s not something we’d done before”.

Nick Edwards, Director, Version 2 Lights Ltd

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