Steffan Bowen – Managing Director – M&D Care Limited

Steffan Bowen – Managing Director – M&D Care Limited

“We met up with Andrew and the support he gave us from that point was excellent. We learnt a lot from him in that difficult time and we were really pleased. Some of the main things we liked was how quickly Andrew would turn around a task. Anything that was set he’d do without having to be asked twice, and he’d be finding more work and coming back to us saying “we need to do this”. A lot of the systems and procedures he put in place are very strong procedures and are still in use to this day.

As an MD from when I started working with Andrew, I learnt a lot, and very quickly, as he has not just completed the task but shown us how to do it too. He didn’t just solve the problem but created systems to help the business going forward. I firmly believe that he has helped transform a lot of what we were doing commercially as an organisation which helped to put us on really solid ground and helped us to grow”.

Steffan Bowen, Managing Director, M&D Care Limited

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