Adam Lindsay


In a varied career that has spanned fashion retail, utilities and infrastructure, and entertainment, Adam’s guiding principle has always been that he is a business partner as well as a Finance professional – the “go-to guy” for articulating and simplifying the financials so that the business understands where success and growth come from.

Having worked across many different departments and disciplines in his early career, and risen through progressively more senior Finance roles, many with an international dimension, Adam is comfortable working with and advising all manner of clients across the entire piece – including management accounting, internal controls, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), and improving profitability through data.

At the same time, Adam is accustomed to taking the initiative wherever needed, whether it’s leading or mentoring a team, creating new processes or improving others, or driving positive change through the introduction of new and more effective tools and systems.

Communication and knowledge-sharing are also high on Adam’s agenda. He has a strong track record of setting up feedback loops to ensure alignment between Finance and front-line business realities, and of delivering clear and concise reporting to demonstrate exactly where and how Finance can add value to the business.


Adam’s hands-on background working across different departments in the very heart of a busy retail environment enabled him to” see and touch what drives the cost” early in his career, and this has left him with a strong sense of how Finance must be organised and managed to anticipate the needs of the business.

This breadth of knowledge served him well in his multiple Finance roles in the entertainment industry and led to him being brought in as Head of Finance (and later interim Finance Director) to prepare the financial systems, processes, and operational Finance team for the Day 1 opening of the New York Legoland theme park – in the difficult circumstances of the Covid pandemic.

Over his career, Adam’s successes include:

  • Driving process improvement– From implementing cash flow forecasting models, to putting in place robust audit procedures, to improving the clarity, succinctness, and accessibility of reporting for all stakeholders, Adam has consistently and determinedly strengthened processes to deliver better and more transparent outcomes.
  • Delivering business efficiencies– By working alongside operational owners to understand underlying business drivers, Adam has repeatedly identified and successfully acted on opportunities to optimise margins and minimise expenses.
  • Leading strategic projects– From Finance software and platform implementations and migrations, to the restructuring and centralisation of Finance teams, the special projects Adam has led have reduced risk, enhanced productivity, and delivered major savings.
  • Maximising earnings – Through careful cost-benefit analysis, Adam has highlighted and validated opportunities to increase earnings and receipts with minimal associated expense – including, for example, recycling schemes.