Remote, East Midlands

Experienced, multi-sector Finance Director with a track-record of “keeping it simple” to help businesses achieve extraordinary results

With over 20 years’ experience in Board-level Finance leadership posts, Tim is a resolutely commercial FD with a focus on showing the value of people, assets, and processes, using business reporting to deliver improved bottom-line results, and constantly asking what the business could and should do differently to achieve better outcomes. Working across many different sectors – including business consultancy, biosciences, cybersecurity, engineering, pharma, print and packaging, and retail, amongst others – Tim has built a reputation for listening before talking, encouraging teams to run with new ideas, embracing learnings, and welcoming constructive criticism. Determined to keep things simple, so that they can be articulated effectively at every level of the organisation and to external stakeholders (bankers, lenders, investors), Tim has nonetheless successfully led, and secured support for, complex Finance activities, including systems and management reporting optimisation, fund raising, change management, pay and pension negotiations, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Tim is also constantly resolved to get to the bottom of what’s not working – rather than accept the easiest explanation for it – and to identify where unseen risk and opportunity lie, thus preventing businesses from taking decisions that not only fail to add value but cost unnecessary time and money.




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