Jon Hather


An experienced Finance Director  Jon is an FCA and most of his working life has been as an FD or similar position, his most recent full time experience is in private healthcare. He has an unusual mix of finance and legal expertise at board level and in depth experience of risk analysis, regulatory and general governance issues.He is used to working with all levels in an organisation as well as with senior executives, board members and third parties.

As a Finance Director, he has worked in both privately owned and listed companies, as well as with the public sector and charities. In addition to strategic and operational responsibilities, he has experience in MBO’s, PE fund raising, reorganisations and many acquisitions and disposals. Having attended all board meetings from the operating companies up to the various holding companies, he is used to being part of a cohesive team setting strategy, recording the agreed objectives and ensuring that the Board delivers on those strategies. He has an ability to analyse effectively, and provide solutions to, a variety of complex issues. He is used to monitoring and scrutinising performance and quality and making recommendations for actions where requires.

Being an FCA, internal controls, financial governance and risk control in general are second nature. During his working life, he has always had to satisfy himself on the integrity of all information, financial, or otherwise.


Before working as a consultant, Jon was Director of Risk and Improvement at Barchester Healthcare Ltd which has over 200 sites covering nursing homes, mental hospitals and other specialist units.

His role as a Finance Director encompassed:

  • Regulatory Governance (all aspects including co-operating with the ICO, CQC, H & S Executive etc.) – he handled a number of data protection breaches and an HSE investigation into a death.
  • Quality (all aspects including Think Local Act Personal approach to quality in line with the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework as well as general quality issues.)
  • Risk (evaluating current risk exposures, risk appetite, risk management framework and the promotion of a risk culture, Business Continuity and Major Incident Plans).
  • Insurance (all aspects including litigation, claims and accident incident reporting) – set up new systems which tangibly reduced premiums and risk considerably.
  • Company Secretarial duties (all aspects including meetings, filing, company formation etc.) – appointed as company secretary and director for over 120 companies.

As part of the Operational Management team, Jon was also involved in:

  • Business Performance analysis – KPIs.
  • Funding – Banks and Private Equity.
  • Business Plans – Budgets, Forecasts and Investment Opportunity cases.
  • Expansion and Contraction – Certain businesses were bought/spun out and then post 2008 re-assimilated/sold.
  • DueDiligence – a number of businesses were bought and sold, requiring investigation/analysis and creation of data rooms.

Case Study

Case Study: Interim FD at a Charity operating a Residential Care business


Finance Director The existing FD was unable to perform his duties on a full-time basis, therefore, the Managing Director of the business wanted someone to help with the annual accounts and general running of the finance department until the future became more certain.

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