Patrick Lavelle


Interim / Part time CFO with International experience. Patrick has worked with businesses to help them understand and improve their results and maximise the value of their business. He has also worked with many distressed companies and helped them to restructure their businesses, manage their working capital and return to profitability. His clients range from start- ups to more established companies looking to expand or simply improve their profitability.

Patrick is an Non-executive Director for a manufacturing/distribution business and a State funded not for profit organisation and am also a Board member of the Dublin and Galway chapters of BITA (British & Irish Trading Alliance)

His background is as CFO of Global MNC’s in Europe and Latin America as well as SME’s and family owned businesses. With  experience spans in construction, manufacturing, retail pharmacy, health and beauty, equipment rental and aircraft maintenance.


Pat Lavelle, FCCA, has been CFO/Finance Director to several large multi-national and family owned businesses. He has worked with numerous distressed businesses and has led turnaround and restructuring projects in manufacturing, construction, aircraft maintenance, rental industry and retail pharmacy. He has significant international experience in Europe and South America.

Pat has a track record of implementing change programmes in complex operations and ensures a constant focus on cashflow and EBITDA.

Pat can help you with:
1. Business rescue/restructuring/turnaround
2. Crisis management and developing survival plans
3. Debt restructuring
4. Developing business plans
5. Cashflow management

Over the course of his career, he has:
Business Turnaround and restructuring – Patrick has been involved in the successful turnaround of businesses in the retail, manufacturing and equipment rental sectors. These projects involved undertaking a detailed review of all activities and developing strategies and actions plan to restore profitability and improve cash and working capital. Includes disposal or closure of non- viable activities, cost reduction and rigorous management of costs and working capital , debt restructuring / replacement and implementation of systems to monitor progress against objectives.
Cash-flow – developed cash flow forecasts and implemented strategies to improve working capital and cash positions. He has managed cash in several crisis situations and implemented solutions to resolve these problems while managing through the crisis. In every position he worked in Patrick has brought focus to cash management and EBITDA.
Sale of businesses – prepared businesses for sale and supported the sale of businesses in retail, manufacturing and distribution. This involved improving revenues and driving EBITDA in advance of going to market. Supporting discussions with potential purchasers and establishing data rooms and dealing with questions and issues arising. Managing smooth transition of ownership following completion of contracts.
Fundraising – Successfully supported several clients through fundraising with Banks, Private Equity investors and Venture Capital companies.
New business set up – implemented reporting and controls systems for the Irish operations of a newly established UK owned business.
Business growth – Driving growth through addition of new locations and business channels
Acquisitions – identification and investigation of suitable opportunities and subsequent integration of acquired business. As Finance Director Patrick has been involved in the due diligence of a number of businesses and has led the integration of several acquired businesses both in Ireland and the UK.
Budgeting and forecasting – Developing detailed plans for businesses, including revenues, costs and working capital and providing updates through forecasts.
Reporting and systems – Designed and implemented financial and operational reporting systems across multi location and multi-jurisdictional sites. Implemented SAP in Ireland as part of a Global implementation.