Ravi Maheswaran


Ravi Maheswaran an experienced Finance Director and investor with 20 years of experience with SMEs. This includes significant accomplishments as an owner operator of several care businesses and growing a start-up business to an exit to private equity in 5 years.  Prior to joining EFM, he was Chief Executive of a private equity owned business. In addition, he also has significant experience in the hospitality and leisure sectors.

Key achievements:

Working with entrepreneurial fast paced businesses, growth situations and businesses requiring turnaround

  1. Led business growth from a start up through to private equity investment in 5 years
  2. Acquired a poorly performing care business and turned it around into a highly profitable and reputable enterprise in 4 years
  3. Managed shareholder exits for several businesses
  4. Led various projects to increase revenue, decrease costs and optimise performance
  5. Established effective systems for timely and accurate reporting, planning & forecasting
  6. Investment appraisal for key capital expenditure projects.

Case Study


Health and Social Care


The Client, a private limited company started by 2 individuals several years before was involved in very complex care and education of children and young people. Although very successful in terms of growth and market position, one of the 2 original directors had decided that it was time to move on and wanted to leave.


The business was owned and managed by the two main shareholders with several additional angel investors. The various parties could not agree on either appropriate valuation or how best to raise the necessary capital to allow one of the main directors to leave. With a sustained lack of clear directions, the business was beginning to falter and performance was slipping.


EFM managed a process which included exploring potential sale opportunities and funding options. Ultimately, all shareholders agreed on a private equity deal with a hurdle valuation and various venture capital houses were selected and briefed by EFM with a comprehensive information Memorandum. Following agreement with VC, a major stumbling issue developed with various bank credit facilities in a structured finance deal.
EFM held more meetings with the existing bank with cashflow projections and managed to negotiate very keen rates on the credit facilities which enhanced the deal.


The Business was completely refinanced through VC and new banking facilities, allowing one of the directors and the angel investors to leave the business and with a restructured board, the company set a path for future growth with new strategic objectives.

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