Ronny Munster


An experienced Finance Director and CFO, Ronny has worked for over 30 years with a range of companies from smaller start-up ventures to large corporates such as JP Morgan, with a strong track record in the SME sector, and a particular specialism in growth-focused Finance.

His growth work encompasses the broader skill sets of mentoring, advisory, and strategic direction, and in his growth-focused roles he has built a considerable reputation for, as he puts it, “listening, guiding, and challenging”, both within the business and in the boardroom.

He observes that working within a business as an EFM Associate, rather than as a stakeholder with a financial interest in the firm, means he is regarded as a trustworthy growth partner who can speak candidly, and with whom business owners and their Boards can do so in return.

In addition to his growth-focused activities, Ronny also delivers project work to enable businesses to improve the systems and tools they use to manage, gain insight into, and forecast their finances, and to make the most of the business opportunities he brings to the table.


Ronny qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant whilst working for the nascent Channel 4 Television station, and it was there that he honed his skills as an innovator and relationship-builder.

Following six years working in Paris and Luxembourg, where he built, from scratch, a successful client services administration company for an international fund management group, he returned to London to work as Group Finance Director, establishing a professional finance function.

Breadth of Finance experience and expertise at a corporate level are naturally credentials SMEs prize highly, and over the course of his career Ronny diversified into SME roles that often saw him take responsibility for business operations, technology and HR functions, as well as Finance, enabling him to provide integrated strategic advice to business owners.

His SME experiences have stood him in good stead in many ways. He has developed a flexible and hands-on approach that works well for business owners and their key stakeholders, but at the same time he goes way beyond day-to-day management of the status quo. Instead, he is resolved to relieve growing pains and enhance business success by developing meaningful strategies and improving the flow of business-critical information to management.

Over his career, Ronny’s successes have included:

  • Taking a business from zero to hero- Ronny’s work with a savvy but untrained entrepreneur in the retail merchandising space saw him mentor and advise the business owner on everything from meeting structure, to staff motivation and incentive schemes, to strategy and structural issues. That business is now on track to realise £20 million in revenue this financial year.
  • Retrofitting Finance for a successful business exit- Ronny’s software engineering client lacked Finance function in the business, which was standing in the way of maximising the business’s growth and value prior to the owner’s exit plans. By setting up the Finance function from scratch, and optimising R&D credits and cashflow, Ronny enabled the owner to plan a successful exit with a legacy of financial discipline in place.
  • Driving growth across the piece- Ronny’s work for an online educational provider spanned, as he put it “anything and everything”, but focusing on products, pricing, and cashflow in particular set a solid foundation for the business’s subsequent successful growth.
  • Smart planning, no guesswork- In two separate projects with a financial services client and an invoicing business, Ronny built a totally integrated financial model with the ability to demonstrate variable outcomes and impacts. This eliminated guesswork, and anchored the clients’ business plans, KPIs, and definitions of success in financial reality. It also enabled one of them to build a funding requirement forecast and raise significant investment.
  • Complex business, set up simply- Established Dutch operations for UK company including planning for staffing, meeting the strict requirements of Dutch regulators, Transfer Pricing issues, and revenue generation.
  • Due diligence to drive performance– The MD of an insurance company wanted a review of its finance function to determine whether they had the most appropriate staffing and systems in place. Ronny’s work resulted in numerous enhancements to personnel and systems within the department, creating a more growth-focused and resilient unit.


“EFM have introduced us to two good consultants. It’s given us good ideas and guidance. We didn’t have those people in place beforehand”. Nathaniel McCullagh, Director, Simply Learning Tuition

Case Study

Sector: Medtech/FinTech

Background: The client company helps health insurance payors tackle fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) in claims. Driven by AI and ML and backed by medical and specialist fraud experts.

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