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Trade Sale

A trade sale is the sale of a business, or part of the business, to another business. Trade sales are a common form of exit for a company’s management and investors. The acquiring company often makes a strategic decision to purchase the company to acquire the underlying intellectual property owned by, or the market share…

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The sales of a business or other form of revenue generated from business operations.

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A series of planned activities/steps taken to reverse or regenerate a company’s poor performance e.g. turning around a loss making company to a profitable one.

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Trial Balance (TB)

The total of all debit and credit balances at the end of an accounting period, showing general ledger accounts (which records all business transactions including assets, liabilities, capital, revenue and expenses) contained in the ledger of a business. The aim of the TB is to balance i.e. assets + expenses = liabilities + capital +…

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