5 reasons to hire a business mentor

Business mentors & strategy coaches are fast becoming an integral element for start-ups and SME’s, but what are the advantages of hiring one? Should business owners and entrepreneurs figure out the in’s and out’s of their company, or should they utilise the resources of a professional and experienced mentor to help guide them down the right path? Find out with our five reasons to hire a business mentor.Business Mentor

  1. Focus – When starting up a business from the ground up, it can often cause some business owners to shift focus away from the key areas that may need more attention than others, thus leading to an issue. A mentor can help to manage the business owners focus on the underlying issues that come with operating a business, rather than micro-managing every component that keeps the business functioning.
  2. Impartiality – Another daily struggle that business owners face is the ability to see your project clearly, without bias or preference. A business mentor can offer a fresh pair of eyes and can help the business owner to see the bigger picture. Without the personal attachment an owner has with their business, mentors can offer structured professional advice for the good of the entire brand, and in certain cases, even come up with ideas that may not immediately be obvious to those involved within the company.
  3. Support & Advice – The running of a business is rarely going to be plain sailing, and it can be difficult to know who to ask for help in certain situations, that may push a business owner over board. Business mentor’s have been through it all and have seen businesses fail through poor decision-making. They have guided other businesses from the brink of ruin to a position where they are profitable. Support and advice are invaluable for business owners who want to reach the pinnacle of their industry.
  4. Goal-Setting – Business mentors can lend a helping hand with the overall process of goal-setting for business owners and their staff. They can help managers and owners to establish the direction in which they would like to take their business, and define the short and long term aims that will help them achieve the set goals. This is a crucial process in growing a business. Without a strategy or goals, a business can become wayward and go off track.
  5. Accountability – Many entrepreneurs starting out for the first time, as the head of their own company, are not used to the idea of being their own boss. Therefore, they’re unfamiliar with what happens when everything in the business is essentially their responsibility. If responsibilities and daily tasks are not completed, the business owner must face the consequences. A business mentor can help to hold managers accountable for their actions, by helping them to achieve their goals and realising that there is more to running a business than deciding your working hours and recruiting staff.

Through business coaching and business mentoring you will create a clear vision and strategy of where you want your business to be and a plan which focuses on the vital things you need to do to achieve your vision and strategy and accelerate the growth journey of your business.

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