Business plan for VC investors

Business Issue:

Prepare a business plan for the re-launch of the business, an iconic amphibious tour operator on the River Thames, for a Venture Capital partner interested in using this re-launch as a springboard for further investments in this sector


The business had operated successfully until September 2017 when Thames Water exercised a compulsory purchase order in respect of major works (Super Sewer) which, during the period of construction, will impinge on slipway access to the River Thames. The owners were approached in June 2018 by a Venture Capital partner to prepare a business plan for the re-launch of the business.

Case Study


The immediate challenge was to find and assess the viability of alternative slipways away from the Thames Tunnel construction safety zone. Once an alternative had been selected it was necessary to create a business plan for the business that was viable as a stand-alone entity but also paid heed to the potential synergies sought by the investors.


Four alternative scenarios were developed with SWOT analysis and financial impact which was presented to the owners and their advisors. One scenario was selected for further development. The SWOT analysis was developed in more detail and a strategic plan emerged which informed the development of an organisational structure. Although the business had been running successfully for some time the brief was that nothing was set in stone which provided the opportunity to make some structural improvements. Another exciting development was that the product offering would include a VR element on the tour. The Sales & Marketing plan and Operations plan were developed alongside the 5 year Financial model which included a complex revenue forecast, P&L, balance sheet and cash flow. A detailed plan with milestones was developed.

A concise business plan was presented which included a punchy executive summary and then more detail covering the product offering, market & competition, sales & marketing, operations, VR production, safety, learning & growth and the financial forecast. This was aimed at providing the investor with as much detail as required at the early stage of the evaluation process. The initial feedback was as follows : “The business plan itself showed a great deal of thought. The layout was clear and professional and the content follows the line of questioning which investors look for.”


”The business plan is currently being considered by investors at the time of writing this note. The company is very proud of this work which was produced under severe pressure. Andy showed great tenacity, patience and skill within the working party when coordinating the data and information necessary for him to complete the business plan in the timely manner requested at the time of his appointment. He is a team player.”

John Bigos,  Managing Director

Case Study: Andy McAllister