How an EFM Finance Director can support your SME

How-an-EFM-Finance-Director-can-support-your-SMEYou might think a Finance Director’s role is confined to traditional finance activities, but today’s FD can do so much more than count beans.

In the past, an FD’s responsibilities might have been confined to high-level accounting such as providing timely financial statements and monthly management reports, managing investments and expenses, monitoring cash flow, and managing risk. But as the business landscape has become more complex over the past decade, the role of an FD has changed.

CEOs and their Boards expect so much more from Finance Directors. CEOs are increasingly looking to their finance leaders to help drive wider business strategies. Business leaders expect FDs to make decisions and shape their plans based on the company’s ambitions.

In many cases, the Finance Director is the keeper of the company’s data with an understanding of every department’s objectives and performance, playing an active role in refining and aligning business strategies.

Perhaps the biggest change in terms of the FDs role in business today is that their advice is not only valued, it’s necessary.

The wisdom, training and experience of finance leaders make them indispensable in the boardroom as companies look to tackle one of the most uncertain economic periods in decades with the looming reality of Brexit.

The new breed of FD is much more forward-looking. They wear three ‘hats’ at any given time: financial expert, active management team member and leader of the finance function.

Finance Directors can perform multiple roles within a company, working both on and in the business. Not only can they direct financial performance and protect the financial integrity of the company, but they can also drive strategy & growth. An experienced FD should be at the elbow of the CEO, ready to support and challenge them in leading the business.

How SMEs benefit from an EFM Finance Director

Most start-ups and early-stage growth companies don’t need and can’t afford the services of a full-time FD. But that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from all that FDs offer. They can access the skills of highly qualified FDs by engaging them on a part-time basis.

EFM part-time Finance Directors can provide enormous value in terms of strategy and planning for early-stage or scale-up companies. Their role is critical to the success of start-up and early-stage growth companies since they can provide key insights, which may not be apparent to the business owners

Our team of portfolio FDs play key roles in not only managing a young and fast-growing company’s finances but also in setting broader strategic goals and establishing and achieving financial and non-financial milestones.

When the company has reached the next stage of maturity when external investment is required, our part-time FDs can manage the process to ensure it raises the right type of funding from the right sources. Our nationwide network can provide comprehensive reporting as well as manage the relationship with the external investors, whether they are venture capitalists, private investors or banks.

EFM Finance Directors help to establish sound reporting systems and tools that improve reporting metrics and communications to investors. They also play an integral part in setting and monitoring company strategy and maintaining a balance between investing in growth, building market share and preserving capital for future opportunities. As they grow, the need for a part-time FD’s financial and strategic acumen becomes more acute.

About EFM

EFM is a nationwide team of Portfolio Finance Professionals and Business Advisors. We help companies manage all aspects of their day to day financial management, so business value is maximised and growth achieved.

Our clients are typically SME businesses or subsidiaries of overseas companies with a strong desire to achieve their goals – we are dedicated to helping them achieve that though part-time, flexible services tailored to our clients’ needs.

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