Kettering based Finance Director, Linda Harvey, joins the EFM Network

Linda-Harvey-Bio-ImageAbout Linda…

Linda Harvey is an experienced Finance Director & Non-Executive Director with a multi-national background across multiple sectors and company sizes with expertise in business turnaround, due diligence, integration and improvement.

Having spent most of her career in and around manufacturing and engineering, Linda has a strong grasp of “how things work” which translates well into producing meaningful financial insight as well as other industries.

In her portfolio career she has supported many smaller businesses, through change of leadership, financial difficulties and growth.

She has also worked as a Non-Exec Director in housing and occupational health, supporting leadership teams with a strong financial understanding and clear knowledge of governance and risk management.

Linda as an EFM Finance Director

EFM Finance Directors are not ‘just accountants’. They provide excellent incisive information on a more timely basis to reorganize your business and aid your decision-making process. They implement plans to enhance profit margins, provide strategic support and assist with business plans, funding proposals and other key areas that affect your profitability and cash flow.

An EFM Finance Director’s takes an active role, your business views and opinions might be challenged – from pricing to distribution strategy, from marketing plans to remuneration – to ensure your business plan and direction is financially viable.

No business deserves to be without a Finance Director, even if for one day a month. An EFM Finance Director will be the credible sounding board your business needs to take it to the next level and our business model ensures that your finance function is cost-effective and efficient.

“As a portfolio FD, I’m excited to have joined the EFM network. I have already been able to access the support and experience of colleagues and experts within the network to enhance the service I provide to my clients”.

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