Financial controller

What Is a Financial Controller?

A Financial Controller is a management level expert responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting within a business.

What is an EFM Financial Controller?

Our Financial Controllers are not ‘just senior managers with accounting experience’. They have an eye for detail, managing routine transactions, ensuring data is accurately recorded and that the client’s business has sufficient procedures and controls in place to prevent loss. Their role encompasses a variety of responsibilities, from overseeing accounting and monitoring internal controls to countersigning on expenses and commitments.

This service focuses on the application of strong financial reporting procedures at a critical stage of business growth.

Take advantage of the experiences and expertise of some of our most specialists members on a part-time basis by requesting this service now.

If you have someone in this role, do you get all the services below?

Our Financial Controller services include:

  1. Monthly management accounts
  2. Performance analysis by product/service, department or employee
  3. Development of financial monitoring procedures and setting key performance indicators
  4. Monitoring of cashflow
  5. Minimising working capital requirements
  6. Continuous reporting on key ratios and control factors
  7. Preparation of annual statutory financial accounts
  8. Assistance to company secretary on finance related issues
  9. Advice on systems and controls
  10. Analysis and schedules in preparation for annual audit
  11. Specialist third party reports in support of bank covenants, credit applications etc
  12. Financial management of property issues, insurances and employee benefit packages
  13. Project management support requiring specialist financial expertise
  14. Financial model creation and development

Day rates, monthly rates and annual rates are available. Contact the team for more information via or call 01582 516300.

When I contact EFM, I'm talking to people who understand business finance from a Finance Director point of view, not just as an accountant. There are plenty of accountancy firms and financial controllers who just don't have the in-depth experience to apply finance from the business perspective.

I don't think the financial management of the business would be as good without them; we need to be confident in the management of our financial affairs and I get that from EFM.

We've been with EFM since 2012. The key thing is that you're buying a level of expertise that most financial controller firms just don't provide - that's what we get with EFM. That's one of the key differences.

There's always a rapid response from EFM. They deal with issues when they arise. Everyone is very communicative. Above all, they know what you have to do when you run a business.

Jonathan Gold, Managing Director, Rivers Capital

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