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Are you looking to expand your business into Ireland?

Brexit is making many UK businesses consider plans to move some or all operations out of the UK. And for many, including some of EFM’s clients, Ireland looks like a great choice.  This applies equally for any International businesses looking to the EU – you should definitely consider Ireland.

So, why relocate to Ireland?

Here are a few reasons why it makes good business sense:

  1. Brexit means real uncertainties for the UK, while Ireland remains firmly within the EU, meaning continued access to the common market and all the associated benefits of EU membership.
  2. For businesses from the UK, Ireland offers a familiar landscape in terms of business culture, language, laws and the regulatory environment.
  3. 40% of the Irish population is under 29 years old, a young, well-educated English-speaking workforce.
  4. Businesses relocating to Ireland benefit from a business friendly corporation tax regime, with tax exemptions and low trade barriers when trading with EU member states.
  5. Prime office space is available at an average rent considerably lower than London.

EFM makes it easy

EFM Ireland already supports established Irish businesses and is able to help you get started with our Easy Setup package.  This includes:

  • Company formation
  • A Registered Office in Ireland
  • An Irish-national officer if required
  • A Statutory Director on a monthly basis if required
  • Access to a retained FD, for pre-trade support.

We offer a package of services,  select all or any of:

Company set up and formation  –  One-off Cost:  €1,500

  • This includes registration, constitution and company seal.
  • Filing of your initial B1 to the Companies Registration Office (initial annual return after 6 months)
  • Assistance with opening a local bank account if needed
  • Registration for taxes:  Corporation Tax, Payroll & VAT

Registered office  – €80 per month

  • Your registered address in Ireland. This includes handling mail and forwarding as agreed.

Statutory Director  –  €1,000 per month

  • An Irish-national member of EFM Ireland’s management team will be assigned as the company’s Statutory Director providing you an Irish national officer on a flexible monthly basis.

Company Secretary  – €100 per month

  • An Irish-national member of EFM Ireland’s management team is registered as company secretary giving you an Irish national officer

Retained FD services – €200 per month

  • We will assist you with ad-hoc and access to one of our Finance Directors at EFM Ireland, dealing with compliance including bookkeeping. This is a pre-trade retained service.
  • And when you are ready to trade we can grow our service to meet your needs with Financial Controller and Finance Director services.
    You pay for what you need, keeping your costs flexible and scalable


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EFM have 100% commitment to my business. We've been through highs and lows, lefts and rights - together; If you're in a start up game that's the roller coaster you're on and they're willing to go on that roller coaster with you.
Jonathan Trimble, 18 Feet & Rising - Established a new Irish business with EFM in 2017

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