Press Release- 20th September

EFM Network is pleased to announce that it has made further investment to its core operations, most notably marketing operations, to support its growing international network of associates and to extoll the benefits of outsourced financial direction for small to medium businesses.

(Gary Jesson- Managing Director)

EFM is an international team of Finance Directors, Business Advisors and Financial Controllers, who provide ‘pay as you go’ financial management services to businesses that want the benefits of an experienced financier – but without paying a full-time salary.

Managing Director, Gary Jesson, commented on the company’s latest commitment to improvement:

“We reviewed our operational structure and have engaged a strategic marketing communications agency to support our growth plans over the next 12 months and beyond. Now, more than ever due to the pandemic, companies need to know about the financial services we offer and that we can provide interim and long-term solutions to companies that need to watch budgets, but more importantly, need be on top of their figures”.

EFM are set to run several new campaigns across the year and cement the company’s position as a leading voice in the financial management services sector.

For more information on how EFM Team can help your business, please contact us at 01582 516300 or email