Venture capitalists

EFM has extensive experience working with Venture Capital Firms and their portfolio companies. This work grows steadily through referrals from both appreciative VCs and satisfied investee Companies. We provide support both before and after investment through our network of experienced FD’s and FC’s offering a wide range of industry experience. Our help is both financially and commercially focused, ranging from a high-level desktop review to a more detailed on-site examination of the business. We aim to recognise the distinct requirements of the various parties to transactions and this approach enhances the value we add to both the investor and investee.

Potential Investee Companies

We can provide support to potential investee companies pre-investment to ensure that they are investment ready. This can be as simple as ensuring the financial model is fit for purpose, it provides the VC with the information required and can let them easily carry out sensitivity analysis. We can also assist in ensuring that management accounts are up to date to enable proper review of historic performance.

Commercial Focus

We perform our work with a commercial eye; our team has an awareness of the day-to-day financial issues facing most businesses as that is their background, as well as the more strategic considerations to support growth and ROI. We are often able to identify problems that might occur in the future, or have been overlooked in the business plan, and can also carry our more traditional due diligence reviews.

The long haul

Our support does not end when the investment period is over. Whilst a condition for many investments is the hiring of a Finance Director, we know that this does not need to be full time and the requirement may vary month to month.  Our flexible cost-effective solution allows the business to work with an FD on a part time basis for as long as is required.

We have worked with pre and post-investment companies to great success in the past as they get the financial management they need, when they need it.

Case Studies

We have several case studies and references available on the website, which provide more information about the services we can offer to VCs and their clients.


“I’ve known Malcolm for circa 10 years. I began working alongside Malcolm on an investee company project. The relationship has grown stronger since then and spread across to EFM with a large number of referral projects and clients that each party has benefited from. EFM has good reliable people that we can call upon to help assist with financial support work. Malcolm is always able to work to Mercia’s specifications to offer a tailored service.”

Ian Wilson, Mercia Fund Managers


Further information

If you would like to find out more about this service or to arrange a no-obligation meeting, contact us on 0845 129 9900 / 01582 516300 for a call back.

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