Company Overview

EFM is an experienced team of Finance Professionals who provide ‘pay as you go’ financial management services to businesses that want the benefits of an experienced finance professional (s)– but without paying a full-time salary or needing a full-time resource.

We provide access to a team of experienced professionals across the UK, offering specialist business advisory skills and expertise on a part-time, flexible basis.

This includes:

  • Providing all levels of internal financial management support from payroll to VAT returns to management reporting 
  • Growth coaching and exit planning to achieve the best return on investment, while offering strategic support and mentoring to your management team 
  • Interim assignments (staff cover, year-end reporting, systems improvement, financial due diligence). 
  • Business turnaround advice and support.  
  • Financial business advisory through the stages of start-ups, beginning to grow, scaling up, maturity, and exit.  

For investors, we offer a range of services to assist with due diligence, pre-investment, post-investment support and reporting, efficiency and systems enhancements, and support with other fund-raising requirements

In all client assignments, we aim to: 

  • Improve business performance, profits, growth, and board-level advisory services
  • Ensure financial systems and processes are fit for purpose (improving management information accuracy and relevancy of data, forecasting and budgeting, scalability)
  • Support funding and investment, cash flow/working capital management, financial modelling, managing fund raising process, and post fundraising reporting

Our History


EFM was established in 2000 by Gary Jesson and Tony Biddle – two experienced Chartered Accountants with a wealth of commercial acumen and an established reputation for professional standards. They saw an opportunity to provide a cost effective, outsourcing solution for entrepreneurial businesses that did not have the in-house capability or access to a high level of financial management expertise.


EFM launched in the North East. Co-founder Malcolm Holloway joined becoming a part of the management team.


EFM launched a major expansion initiative and began to successfully license the brand and business model to highly skilled professionals, particularly Finance Professionals across the UK.


EFM Interims was launched to address interim management market with initial focus on providing Finance Manager interims for sickness and maternity cover.


Launched EFM Growth to help business owners understand their ambitions, their business and their challenges:?supporting big ambitions with sound commercial strategy.


Demerged the bookkeeping and management accounting focused team into OFD to give more prominent focus on running finance functions for SMEs and acquired De Novo Partners, a Cambridge based financial outsourcer 


EFM Ireland was formed jointly with Managing Director William Mundow


Launched a major educational initiative with Informed Funding to help business owners better understand the funding landscape and all the financial aspects of running and growing a business 


In 2020, Covid-19 hit SMEs and the need for a part-time finance professional pivoted to more remote / online. EFM delivered educational and supportive advice to SMEs around managing in a crisis and accessing the available reliefs.


EFM and OFD join MPA group to expand service offering to SME’s

EFM’s expert network ensures you get the right support – from an individual or a small team – and you get as much, or as little input as you require and only pay for what you need.

The 3 founding principles for EFM were simple and are still relevant today: 


Businesses benefit from first class financial advice.


Access to the best financial expertise should not be cost-prohibitive.


Businesses should only pay for what they need, when they need it and at the right resource level.

We now provide a multi-dimensional service offering: 

  • Access to a panel of experienced professionals across the UK, providing specialist business advisory skills and expertise on a part-time, flexible basis

  • For investors a range of services to assist with due diligence pre investment, post investment support and reporting, efficiency and systems enhancements and support with other fundraising requirements

  • An insourced or outsourced delivery of our financial management services and finance team with a strong focus on bookkeeping, credit control and management accounting and reporting.


EFM provides an unrivalled nationwide business support team focused on delivering all the in-person and online financial management advice and tools businesses need to ensure compliance, survival or growth. 

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