Financial advisory can cover many areas and below are typical areas that an SME may not need regularly but will come across periodically. Many of our team of FDs and FCs will have specific skills to deliver in the areas below:

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Business Turnaround

We understand that you have invested your time and money, creating and nurturing your business. We also know how difficult it can be to acknowledge that your business may not be performing in the way you dreamed it would.  In many cases, we know you will have already taken some steps to improve the stability of your organisation, perhaps through a reorganisation or reducing costs, perhaps through staff reductions. However, this often means that you have simply completed a firefighting exercise which generally leads to the situation repeating itself. 

EFM offers business turnaround solutions for companies or partnerships who are facing financial challenges, often helping to completely avoid a formal insolvency procedure. Initially, we will conduct a full independent review of the organisation to identify areas that can be immediately improved as well as devise and implement an overall strategy that will allow your business to stabilise and grow. 

As all businesses are different, each turnaround plan is bespoke and completely tailored to your circumstances. However, many options are available including; sourcing fresh investment, renegotiating banking arrangements, enhancing or refining existing management team or possibly negotiating with creditors (including HMRC) on your behalf. 

Our experts work in a hands-on manner and at close quarters with management and any advising insolvency practitioner to:  

Stabilise Performance and Liquidity, Conduct a thorough situational and financial analysis, Assess the turnaround options, Prepare a robust plan, Execute the plan. 

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Budgets and Forecasting

A budget is a detailed representation of the future results, financial position, and cash flow that you want your business to achieve during the year. 

No budget should be without all these elements, and in particular cash flow scrutiny, as careful cash flow management is critical to any business.  

But in uncertain and volatile times, it’s forecasting that becomes especially critical in identifying changes that need to be made to cash flow and other areas, and decisions that need to be taken to keep the budget on track. 

There’s more detail in our article here, but to paraphrase General Eisenhower, there’s having a plan (the budget) and there’s managing the plan (the forecast), and it’s an inseparable double-act. 

Budgets and forecasts: what shape are yours in? 

Budgeting and forecasting can be a complex exercise, and it’s often difficult for small organisations with limited Finance resources to stay on top of it whilst looking after what matters most – their core business. 

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Due Dilligence

Our Due Diligence report and support will enable you to establish the quality of the target’s financials, identify risks, plug gaps and support your intelligence gathering process. We can also help in preparing financial models using the target’s accounts, budgets, forecasts and then take into consideration your own funding plans and other integration strategies. We know that at this stage, you will need an extra pair of eyes and a credible sounding board, and we will be exactly that, bringing instant credibility to the situation. We know what you should be looking for. 

We will help you understand your financial obligations and highlight warning flags that may be missed if under pressure or working alone. The due diligence report is only one part of the puzzle, we will help you at any stage from pre-acquisition to many years post-acquisition. 

What is the report? 

This comprehensive investigation provides a fully detailed report on all major financial aspects of the company providing potential investors, funders, management and non-execs with information that will enable the validation of stated management systems, as well as reveal potential pitfalls or missed opportunities of any proposed plans. 

The report will include a list of key findings and valid recommendations, as well as a reasoned conclusion with a financial analysis explaining the feasibility of our recommendations, and its impact on the company. 

What will the report include? 

Review of financial details, Review of corporate structure, Employess, Debtors and creditor details, financing details, Operational tax matters, Cash issues, Forecasts, Operations, Strategy plus any other considerations. 

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Buying/ Selling a business

To buy successfully, recognise the important assets or skills that must not be compromised e.g. customer contracts, synergies, new markets, or even brand. Start looking at available funding options, consider the need for specialist advice such as tax implications and decide how the two businesses may operate after the completion of the deal. 

The purchase of a business can be a complicated process especially for first timers and often can be costly with no guaranteed successful outcome. Above all any requirements for funding or investment will require a credible business plan. 

What EFM will do for you if you are buying a business 

Financial Due Diligence- to support and establish the quality of the target's financials, identify risks, plug gap, and do the background financials analysis work for the intelligenve gathering process. 

Preparation- Help prepare financial models using the target's accounts, funding plans and other integration strategies.

Financials- Accurate and reliable financial data allows a potential acquirer to properly value a target. We help make sure the acquisition makes financial sense. This will result in a better decision to be made. 

Integration- We can assit with the integration of the two businesses from a financial perspective. This could include areas such as: accounting system integration, combining of banking, combined/group reporting, aligning pay and benefits for staff, synergies and cost saving as well as the alignment of key accounting policies.  

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Business Turnaround

Budgets and Forecasting

Due Dilligence

Buying/ Selling a business

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