Starting up and running a business can often be a daunting prospect for some entrepreneurs starting out their journey as a business founder. But after settling into their new role and the initial hurdles have turned into the everyday norm, the entrepreneur will begin to think about the next big step in scaling up their company.

A number of challenges can come with scaling up a business, often differentiating between the processes that are capable of scaling with it, from those that aren’t. As such, success doesn’t always come easily.

Is your business ready to scale up? Find out by taking our Scale Up Healthcheck below. 

Upon completion, you’ll receive a scale up score, summary feedback and the opportunity to have a free one hour consultation with one of our experienced EFM Experts. 

Our experienced team are here to support your scale up vision. Our expertise can help guide you through the scale up journey, producing a bespoke & strategic growth plan in-line with your vision, ensuring you avoid the pitfalls of business growth.

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Do you have a business plan in place and clear view of what success looks like?
Have you refreshed your business plan over the last year to take account of changing economic conditions?
Have you identified the potential barriers and risks to your business’ growth plan?
Are you developing new products or enhancing your current services to win more revenue?
Do you have high margin products and services where volume can easily be scaled?
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Are you regularly investing in research, development and innovation to align your products and services to ever changing customer needs?
Does your team understand and share your growth vision and business values?
Do you have a business leader who can drive growth?
Do you have the team and a suitably experienced growth partner to help assist and guide you through the scale up process?
Do you understand your competitors and their key strengths and weaknesses?
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Has your sales & marketing activity been achieving their KPI targets over the last year?
Do you have a clear sales & marketing plan identifying where growth can come from?
Has your business hit its financial projections?
Do you have access to or know where to find the right type of financial resources to begin scaling up your company?
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