Exit planning

Building a successful business from start-up to sustained profitability is no easy feat, especially in the current economic climate. There are no short-cuts or absolute guarantees when building a thriving business. But there are successes, which come from a combination of careful planning, hard work and working with the right team. After investing significant amounts of money and time into the business, it is unwise to jettison the rewards of your hard work by failing to plan a successful exit.

  1. Focus on value creation: Early planning will enable you to get into the best possible shape for an exit. Avoid holding on for too long to the business, otherwise it may stagnate and significantly reduce in value. The best time to sell is when you are not under pressure to do so.
  2. Watch out for value reduction: high redundancy costs, capital assets, sudden market changes, commitments/ onerous contracts relating to property leases and pensions, complex business activities (e.g. offshore structures) as well as under-performing divisions, products, services which cannot easily be left behind.
  3. Choose the right strategy for you: Depending on the business goals, your personal goals, your industry and stakeholders, there mare many options available to you.
    Here are the most common: Trade sale, IPO, Buyout, Liquidation of assets.

If you need help devising the right strategy for your business, contact us now. Planning early will enable you to maximise value, avoid shock exits and  detrimental effects on your brand, customers, shareholders and staff. You only get one chance to exit successfully, so why not contact us now to help make sure that happens.

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