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All of our associates and clients are available for contact, but here’s a sample of some of them  have to say about us…

Tom Brennan, EFM Ireland

“For many years now I have operated as a sole practitioner. Mainly in the area of procurement and purchasing. While my financial experience, expertise and skills are extremely important in this area, I felt they were somewhat underutilised.

With this in mind, I was looking for an opportunity to expand on what I was already offering, so I decided to join EFM Ireland as a Portfolio Finance Director in 2020.

I have so far found the networking, marketing support and team-work invaluable from the EFM central team. While face-to-face meetings are not possible right now, due to the current Covid restrictions, the regular Associate team meetings over Zoom keep everyone in touch and well connected.

In a very short period, I have supported clients in seeing a way through to a situation post-Covid. I find this a very rewarding aspect of my work at EFM Ireland and I look forward to assisting more SMEs in the future.”

Jonathan Wheeler, EFM Cambridgeshire

“I am very pleased to be joining EFM at a time when many businesses across all sectors will be requiring the support of FDs and advisors given current economic challenges. EFM’s ethos is to provide cost effective and flexible solutions to its clients and I share this vision.

Whilst many businesses are likely to experience some distress, working with experienced advisors such as those in the EFM network is key to overcoming these challenges – I look forward to supporting my clients to overcome their challenges and to achieve their longer term goals.”

Oliver Barkes, EFM South West


“I am looking forward to be part of the EFM network and moving on to the next stage of my career in the West Country. The EFM network will give me the support to focus on working with SMEs using the experience that I have gained”.

Neil Booth, EFM Yorkshire

It is great to join the EFM network team to develop my portfolio as a part-time Finance Director. Within the EFM team there is such a wide range of skills and competences that will compliment my own, giving the client even greater value

It will be exciting working alongside teams that are keen to learn and change so that they and their companies can get better. The key to our success is supporting business owners to achieve their goals.”

Peter Kuncewicz, EFM Hertfordshire


“Through joining EFM I have gained access to a community of highly skilled, like minded professionals. We can quickly bring the correct skill set to deliver immediate added value to our clients.”

Neil Outram, EFM North West

“There is nothing quite like being involved in starting and/or growing a business. EFM’s professional and enlightened approach gives me the opportunity and flexibility to work alongside remarkable individuals and businesses in a variety of different sectors, supporting business owners & entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and dreams.

Simon Finbery, EFM East Midlands

“I’m looking forward to starting a portfolio FD career, where I can use my vast experience to assist business owners with their Financial Management needs, and to help them achieve their business goals. With EFM I have the chance to do this, but with the support of an established and experienced network of professionals. The strength of the network provides significant benefits to both me and the client.”

Hitesh Purohit, EFM London

“For me it was the power of the EFM network and the flexibility of when and where I want to work. This is so I can spend more free time concentrating on my other business interests, spend more time with family and friends and take part in volunteering activities, whilst building a portfolio finance career”.

Ian Wint, EFM Hertfordshire

“Working as a Portfolio FD with EFM really appealed to me as it gives me the opportunity to use my experience to help business owners realise their goals and ambitions whilst bringing me the variety and flexibility that I was looking for. EFM also brings the benefit to both me and my clients of being part of a network of respected professionals”.

Andrew Sugden, EFM Surrey

“A win – win solution is always the best outcome in any long-term relationship. When I discovered EFM I knew joining the network was the best way for me to achieve my goal of developing a portfolio career leveraging the experience I had built up over my career as a Finance Director.

As an Associate I get the best of both worlds – I have the credibility that comes from belonging to a highly professional network, yet get to run my own business within that environment.

I also know any clients I acquire can take comfort from the fact I belong to a group that not only supports its’ members, but also offers a variety of services that might be relevant to them, that greatly exceeds what I could provide if I operated as a sole trader. So, from what I can see, everyone wins.”

Patrick Lavelle, EFM Ireland

“I’ve joined EFM to have the structure and benefits of an organisation behind me and a network of professionals working with me. I am looking forward to using the skills and experience I’ve gained over my career in finance to offer clients professional financial support and advice.”

Jonathan Price, EFM London

“I was looking for access to the SME business consulting market and EFM provides exactly that. EFM’s enthusiastic response to my initial enquiry was instrumental in making my decision to join. EFM is a busy enterprise constantly enriching its proposition, so it’s a great team to be part of”.

Scott Burton, EFM North West

“I’ve joined the EFM network because I like the flexibility of setting up my work schedule and working with the start-up and SME market. I’ve had a keen interest in starting up my own business and EFM has now given me the opportunity to do just that”.

Michael O’Donnell, EFM East Home Counties

“Running a business is in itself is a full time commitment, especially within the SME space. One of the key areas is cash flow, allied with keeping a keen eye on cost controls as well. I will aim to improve on this in conjunction with the excellent EFM model.
I can provide advice and guidance on a broad number of reporting areas, from the small detailed ones to the strategic ones, including the middle bits as well. This is naturally carried out in a cost effective manner.”

Peter Cassidy, EFM North East

“I look forward to adding client value within the SME sector with the support of the EFM network and resources.

What businesses need from finance is rapidly changing, many SME organisations are aware of their exposure to commercial and financial risks and need senior financial professional direction to help them in a cost-effective manner.

EFM has developed an excellent business model to facilitate exactly that level of service.

Always prepared to roll my sleeves up, I can provide the insight to see the value in financial information, linking to business strategies to ensure that commercial and financial targets are delivered”.

Steve Plant, EFM North West

“I am really excited to be part of EFMs growing team of part-time Finance Directors and finance professionals.

I have been made to feel very welcome by Gary Jesson and Malcolm Holloway, and I am inspired by their vision of being one of the leading providers of outsourced financial management and strategic financial advice to SMEs in the UK.

The training & induction programme has been excellent and the support offered by the Head Office team in Luton was second to none. I am very much looking forward to talking to new SME clients and showing them how EFM can help them achieve their goals.”

Helene Sewell, EFM North West

“I just know I have made the right decision joining EFM. This is the right platform to enable me to do what I like best: helping businesses do better by using my finance partnering skills”.

Tracy Lewis, EFM East Midlands

“I have been working with EFM since August 2013. Prior to that, as a financial controller in full time employment, working for SMEs, I found I was being involved in “other” work to pretty much make up my hours – not that these were short, of course. If we had only known of EFM.

It is so great to offer a financial controller service for the 3-5 days a month needed for month end, to do the work I enjoy and excel at; and this is at a fraction of the cost of a full time financial controller for the client. For me, it also means I can work in more than one organization – which really suits my personality. It has taken a few years for the penny to drop and hear [founder] Gary Jesson say “you can choose who you work with, you don’t have to take on every assignment”.

It is such a privilege to choose to work only with those clients that I want to work with – there is too much to do if you try and work with everyone. The back office team at EFM are there to support as and when needed – sometimes I don’t speak to them for months, other times it can be almost daily. It’s such a comfort to know they are there as and when I need them – other than that I am left to my own, and might I say, capable devices to get the job done for my clients. I’m living the dream.”

Edward Leek, EFM London

I’m delighted to join EFM as an associate director and look forward to contributing to the network and, most importantly, helping founders of and investors in great young and growing companies on their journey”.

Ann Camfield, EFM North Home Counties

“I had spent several years working as an accountant, holding senior financial management positions in a wide variety of sectors.

I had heard about EFM but wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to start my own business, so I decided to have an informal chat, and after considering various option, I got increasingly convinced that it was the right company to join and I could indeed become my own boss.

I joined EFM, attended the training program which helped me refocus my capabilities and gain confidence in EFM, and after meeting with the rest of the team, I was anxious to get to work. Interestingly, I got my first client almost immediately.

It has been a very interesting journey, requiring a lot of patience, hard work and support but I am very pleased I signed up to be part of this network. Life would have been so different if I started up on my own, but the encouragement, support and assistance I receive from the team just makes this a better way to run your business”.

John Devaney, EFM East of England

“I am very pleased about the support I have received from EFM. The thought of starting a business was initially daunting for me as I was starting from zero with no clients, no potential work but a lot of experience from a successful corporate career and the zeal to succeed as my own boss.

EFM launched my business with a debut campaign, helped me secure my first client and one year later, I am now working with a portfolio of clients that have been with me on a recurring basis and on a full schedule, and this just proves that if you have the right mindset, love the portfolio lifestyle, have the right company behind you and are patient and persistent, you can continue to be successful.

With the immense value I have received from the network, I now have some of the most amazing and ambitious clients. I also find regular catch up events with the other associates and the head office team very inspiring and encouraging and with all the other ongoing support I get regarding proposals, events, company PR and generating opportunities, I couldn’t be more pleased to be part of the EFM team.”

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