Is your business growth currently hampered by a lack of funding? If you are thinking of acquiring funding, we will help you throughout the pre-funding process and talk you through the range of possible funding sources including the non traditional peer-to-peer-lending, crowd funding, pension – and asset-funding models, and access to Venture Capital or business angels.

Other options such as invoice finance and factoring, if properly managed can also be an extremely efficient way to help fund a growing business. Grants, government incentives and the good old ‘friends, family and fools’ though becoming less popular, are still good options.  We can help you to build and present a business case to access cash.

If you’re seeking funding support, contact the EFM central team.

After funding, we will support you in ways that will help you maximise your investment and reassure your investors. Where necessary, we will provide you with information about meeting investor requirements, and guide you as you pitch for your investment.

We will review your need for funding. Are you involved in Mergers and Acquisitions? Or just considering expanding your business? Would your business benefit from support in renegotiating a bank facility or creating business plans and forecasts? Do you need a business healthcheck?

Of course rather than be at the whim of external financiers, it is best to management your cashflow effectively using internal measures. See our cashflow tips here or contact us now for help in managing your funding process.

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