Business Process Improvement

Jun 06 2017


A business unit within a bank had just undergone a restructure and reorganisation. 


However, its operations needed to be reviewed in order to improve customer satisfaction, clear backlogs, shorten delivery timescales, remove waste, reduce costs and improve risks. 


Mike directed a project to map business processes across the business unit. The mapping analysis was undertaken through interviewing relevant staff, workshops and observing the activities. Once the current state of the business processes had been mapped, he then led the analysis and identification of issues leading to poor quality work, duplicated effort and broken processes. He then championed the redesign of business processes to improve quality and reduce risk. He also performed a workforce sizing assessment, using the time and motion studies to identify surplus headcount. He led the implementation of a Process Management System tool, including control logs and flash reports, to report the operating metrics of the business processes. 


The Process Management System ?provided a dashboard of KPI’s for senior management. It also provided a measure of the process performance for management’s planning. 

Case Study: Mike Fletcher

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