Company Reorganisation for Aerospace Manufacturing

Aug 31 2018


The Company was owned by Japanese investors who also owned two other aerospace companies in the UK. 
As separate companies, they were individually dependent on parental funding. The investors requested a review of the options available to them to optimise the performance of their UK interests.


To reorganise the three companies by integrating them into a single trading entity and create a common identity within the aerospace industry which had previously considered them as individual companies. 


  • Various types of due diligence (financial, legal, HR, commercial etc) was carried out with the support of a local commercial law firm appointed to help with the reorganisation. 

  • Refinancing of the enlarged organisation with UK funders. 

  • Communication to key stakeholders and press information released to advise the industry on the changes. 


  • Greater value and quality of consolidated assets available to utilise as security to funders. 

  • Economies of scale by dispensing with the multiple performances of support tasks which were concentrated into a head office facility at the largest of the three companies. 

  • Streamlining of manufacturing operations so that each site became a specialist in specific processes, rather than generalists competing for similar work which had previously been the case. 

  • Enhanced reputation as all sites benefitted from corporate level quality approvals. 

  • The company rapidly became recognised as a bigger player within the industry, with the additional gravitas bestowed upon it by the increase in size and enhanced range of its capability, capacity, and range of product offering. 

  • The enlarged company was later acquired by a Private Equity firm which realised the owners investment. 

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