Hitesh Purohit
Home Counties, Remote, London, SE England

An all-rounder Finance Controller with experience in supporting SME’s to overcome challenges.

An experienced Finance Controller – Hitesh has worked mainly in the SME space, within a variety of different sectors including medical device, R&D, Retail and Wholesale. He has experience in start-ups and setting up adequate financial procedures and processes in as well as the many other tasks a start-up may experience, such as HR policies. With his wealth of experience and hands on approach, he is an ideal candidate for SMEs in all industries.




“ "When Hitesh joined us during a critical phase of financial transformation within our business, his wealth of experience became immediately apparent. This being his second time with the company, his familiarity with our systems was invaluable as we navigated the transition to a shared finance centre. Hitesh served as our anchor in the UK, leading the changeover process, conducting thorough gap analyses, and overseeing statutory activities. Unlike some finance professionals who can feel detached, Hitesh effortlessly became an integral part of our team, consistently going above and beyond his designated responsibilities. His willingness to tackle tasks beyond his job description underscored his dedication. Trust is paramount in our line of work, and Hitesh has earned ours- His reliability in managing our finance activities has eased a significant burden, allowing us to focus on other priorities. His collaborative approach, seeking input and fostering teamwork, has further solidified our confidence in him. Beyond trust, Hitesh brings invaluable expertise to the table. In a finance-driven environment like ours, his knowledge and experience are indispensable. He doesn't cut corners; instead, he delivers results that justify every penny spent.” ”

Dean Richmond- Managing Director

Hitesh’s work in action

Successful exit strategy executed for medical device manufacturer

A medical device company that has developed a specialised product was having difficulty penetrating a market which was heavily regulated and already dominated by major manufacturers with years of experience and large market shares. The company had to prove, not only to the regulators, but also to the competition, on how their product complimented current methods. The aim was for the product to become the standard of care in the industry.

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