Julian Sutcliffe
Remote, Yorkshire, NW England

Advisor to growing and entrepreneurial businesses in the SME sector

For over 20 years, Julian has been enabling owner-managed entrepreneurial businesses across many different sectors to achieve optimum bottom-line outcomes, combining deep engagement with the operational side of the business with expert leadership of banking relationships, a management buy-out (MBO), and company sale and acquisition. From property development to construction, import, export and distribution, warehousing and fulfillment to leisure, Julian has stayed true to his mantra that “you can’t do all of Finance from behind a desk.” He has engaged with the beating heart of each business, on site and within its teams, to identify challenges and opportunities that Finance can turn into bottom-line wins. At the same time, the “top table” holds no mystery for Julian; he is totally accustomed to communicating closely with company boards and senior management teams to advise on decisions and forecast impacts and outcomes. And through it all, Julian retains a light management touch. Effective financial oversight, he maintains, works best when an FD builds and nurtures a team, gives them ownership, guidance, and the tools to do the job, and trusts them to get on with it.




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