Neil Outram
Remote, NW England

Finance Director driving financial stability, organisational performance and commercial growth

An experienced Finance Director and SME business owner with prior experience in large multinational companies. Neil established and grew a business from inception to a multi-million-dollar operation with several locations in two different countries. He has the ability and experience to develop and deliver sustainable financial and strategic growth strategies, turnaround financial operations, enhancing financial capability and maximising business performance through embedding robust systems, controls and tools.




Neil’s work in action

Opening and developing a new international business

Having worked in large corporate entities in several countries, I had decided that I would utilise the knowledge and skills I had acquired and set up and develop a business in my own right.  I had certain criteria’s in as much that it would provide a reasonable income and capital growth and that at some future point the business would be able to run with minimal involvement from myself, becoming more of a passive income.  An important criterion was to be involved in a business that I could take pride in being involved with. Whilst I had capital to invest it was limiting factor. At this point, the Malaysian economy was still recovering from the 2009 financial crisis.

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