Tim Mcinnes
Remote, NW England

Business finance professional focused on the foundations that underpin growth

With over 25 years’ experience in senior Finance roles, in everything from family-owned and founder-run SMEs to large B2B enterprises, Chartered Accountant Tim combines multi-sector expertise, financial insight, and outstanding people skills to deliver on his clients’ business objectives. Relentlessly focused on understanding strategic, commercial, and operational drivers, and with a proven track record of helping businesses through change, challenges, and complex transactions, Tim also prides himself on his ability to communicate Finance transparently to stakeholders at all levels - from the leadership team, to advisors, to financial and operational teams. A trained executive coach, Tim also believes in nurturing and mentoring individuals to build strong teams, develop and retain talent, and lay the financial foundations that will underpin business growth. And for Tim, those foundations are about much more than statutory accounts and tick-box compliance. They’re about knowing where growth is coming from, putting in place forecasts, strategies, and systems to support it, and thinking outside the box to overcome obstacles.





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