Learn About a More Flexible Finance Career in 2024 – from Those Who Already Have One

Jan 11 2024

If you’re a Finance professional with many years’ experience behind you, what do you do next when long hours and the corporate lifestyle no longer seem so alluring, or when retirement looms?

How do you carry on doing what you’re best at – whether Finance Director, CFO, or Financial Controller – and getting paid what you’re worth for it, whilst achieving a more agreeable work-life balance?

In our forthcoming webinar, you can meet the people with the answers.

EFM: the next chapter in your Finance career

We’re a network of over 60 part-time, outsourced portfolio Finance professionals, who deliver a flexible Finance service to SMEs.

Smaller firms are now highly likely to turn to an outsourced Finance provider, with an estimated 37% of them choosing this option.

It’s not difficult to see why. Businesses face strong penalties if they get Finance wrong, but they can’t afford a full-time FD salary of up to £150,000 in the UK (or €170,00 in Ireland) and associated charges.

Enter a new breed of Finance professional at the right time of life and career to deliver expertise flexibly and effectively without the full-time price tag.

Will you meet your financial objectives?

Nobody knows better than a Financial professional that you must hit your numbers, but our Associates have proven time and again that they can achieve this for themselves in return for a highly manageable workload.

To illustrate the point, many of our Associates have just a handful of clients at any one time, yet several of them billed over £100,000 in their first year with us – much of which was retained for many future years

And strong earnings are of course worth much more when they come with highly flexible working practices that accommodate personal commitments and activities. You want to fit work around family, golf, football, a theatre trip, or a long walk in the country? EFM’s Associate model lets you do it.

How does a portfolio Finance professional work?

Firstly, don’t think of this as “going it alone” – because it’s anything but.

With EFM, you’re a company in your own right, but you’re also automatically plugged into a whole existing infrastructure of services – onboarding, administrative, contractual, technical – as well as bespoke sales and marketing support, including collateral, content, and events.

In addition, we provide induction training, coaching, mentorship, an advisory group, national networking events, and access to the full EFM Associate network to identify and share new business opportunities.

From the very start, you’re connected to everything you need to make the transition from your previous career to your new one.

Find out more in our upcoming webinar!

Join our webinar, A look into the life of a Portfolio Finance Professional, on Thursday 1st February 2024, from 12.15 p.m. to 1.15 p.m.

Learn about a typical week in the life of an EFM Associate, their client activities, and how their career change has helped balance their work and personal lives.

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