Welcome New Associate Faye Rodney: Driving Finance Forward Through Change, People, and Progress

Dec 13 2023 Business Updates

Welcome Faye Rodney

For experienced Finance Director Faye Rodney, there was never any doubt as to the career path she would ultimately follow. She knew when she was still in school that the Finance discipline was for her.

She got started on mastering it early, with jobs in sales ledger and purchase ledger, and a placement at a Big Four consultancy, interspersed with positions in everything from small local businesses to one of the UKs largest insurers.

But Faye’s about much more than just the numbers. With a postgraduate History degree, experience working with the homeless and those suffering from mental illness, and a background in change management, Faye brings a well-rounded perspective to her work, focusing on human as well as financial drivers and outcomes.

In her 15-year Finance career, Faye’s breadth of experience is extraordinary. From leading an international charity back to financial recovery in the wake of Covid, to transitioning a company to a new IT system, to managing major assets and capital programme finances for a London local authority, Faye has never been short of opportunities to deploy her technical, commercial, and continuous improvement skills.

But she’s also adept at drawing on her considerable experience to tailor her Finance offering to the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), too, helping to prepare them financially for growth and scaling-up.

About Faye Rodney

For Faye, bringing value to her role, whether in large or small organisations, is about focusing on strategy.

She works closely with both Board members and other stakeholders (investors, investment fund managers, pension fund trustees, bankers, and others) to deliver higher-level financial and business advice, ensuring strategy is scrutinised, operational goals met and stretched, and Directors held to account.

It’s a focus that has served her well in her Board-level roles in both companies and charities nationally and internationally, and it has positioned her to drive through key Board decisions across the piece – including Defined Salary Pension fund negotiations, asset purchase and sale, restructuring of shares, determining growth strategy, and managing investment portfolios during the volatile environment of the pandemic.

And whilst Faye’s approach to Finance also reflects her own values – transparency, honesty, thoroughness, and engagement – she couples it with running rigorous, compliant, outcomes-focused Finance functions that work for the company as a whole.

Thus, her strong track record of putting in place training for both Finance and non-Finance individuals ensures everyone knows the key takeaways and is empowered to work with Finance to achieve business goals.

Similarly, Faye champions rigour and insight, focusing closely on budget and forecasting, cash flow, management reporting and financial KPIs, and financial modelling, and making changes to systems, structures, and processes to deliver more effectively on these fronts wherever necessary.

Instinctively pragmatic, Faye has no time for overengineered systems, technologies, or processes – they must serve a purpose and an agreed outcome, not become an end in themselves.

What Faye will help EFM to do

Faye’s background and experience will deliver the optimum balance to EFM’s clients: wide-ranging skills and knowledge, gained in extremely complex environments, that will guarantee ample coverage of the core Finance competencies businesses rely on.

Growth is also an area Faye’s expertise will strongly support, given her past experience in preparing budgets for potential investors, and her achievements in increasing organisations’ contractual value by as much as eight-figure sums.

Her ability to engage with people, processes, and systems, in order to upskill teams, streamline outputs, and achieve better financial outcomes, will also sit well with EFM’s clients, who often don’t have the skills or the bandwidth to drive these changes themselves.

Faye’s history of delivering successive full, clean audits, and restoring organisations to auditability, will also help ensure EFM’s clients are always one step ahead of compliance – and on the right side of it.

In her own words

Faye says: “EFM really stood out to me amongst all the part-time Finance Director career options. It’s a model that not only delivers maximum flexibility, enabling me to scale work up and down as I and my clients require, but also brings the stimulation of working with different industries and individuals, in very varied business environments.”

“It fits with my priorities of moving my career into its next chapter, whilst being able to enjoy life to the full with my family and friends, and also helping businesses access the Finance expertise they deserve – without the unnecessary expense of employing a full-time Finance Director.”

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