Work for someone else, or work with EFM why do so many Finance professionals choose the latter

Aug 11 2022 Join EFM

For Finance professionals looking for freedom in their work, a better work-life balance, and opportunities to be involved in projects and roles that really interest them, the likelihood is that being in a full-time post for one employer just isn’t going to deliver the goods. 

But how do you make the leap from a respected professional position in a salaried environment to “going it on your own”? 

The reality is that, at EFM, you’re doing nothing of the sort. Because although at EFM you’re your own boss, you’re one of extended and closely connected team. And when you look at the flexibility this kind of working affords you, you start to understand why so many other Finance professionals have joined us as Associates. 

Here’s just a foretaste of what you can expect working for yourself through EFM. 

Your time is your own. Literally. 

Working for yourself as an EFM Associate looks like this. 

Never miss a cherished sporting event again, ever (even if it is just your kids’ or grandkids’ sports day). Work as many or as few hours as you agree with your clients. Take time off for leisure, family, or anything else as and when you need it. 

That six-week cruise you’ve been hankering after? Do it – because there’s nobody nailing you to 25 days’ holiday a year. That lifelong ambition you had to learn Spanish cookery, or colloquial Chinese, or hang-gliding? Indulge it – because you’ll have the time and the freedom to do so. Want to work in the morning and golf, swim, or go for a drive in the afternoon? Schedule it in, and it’s as good as done. 

This all spells a healthier work-life balance, more control over your commitments, and a job you’re happy to perform every morning (or afternoon, or evening, or whenever else the client is happy to have you deliver your best!) 

Job satisfaction comes as standard 

There’s nothing ignoble about having been an important cog in a complex machine, and many Finance professionals have been there, done it, and got the t-shirt, but when you work for yourself as an Associate at EFM the effort you put in directly affects the results you see – and that is job satisfaction at a whole new level! 

And because you’ve got significant freedom to work how you want to – but you’re working under an established brand with a strong Associate network and plenty of creative, marketing, and technical support – you don’t get the wearying effect of soaring job satisfaction one day and an intractable issue the next. We’re always on hand to keep you buoyant. 

High earning potential 

Let’s not beat about the bush here: we all love what we do, but we do it because we have people to support, mortgages to pay, cars to keep on the road, season tickets to Wanderers or United or City or whoever else to snap up, and, in general, a life to make for ourselves. 

And the good news is that working for yourself at EFM has the potential to keep you on that earnings scale. 

Most of our Associates start billing within three months of starting with us, and the earning potential is genuinely unlimited – you take on the work you want, and you set the price. Many of our Associates regularly bill in excess of £100,000 per annum – read a story about one of them here

Variety: choose who you work with 

Because you’re not limited to one client, you’re not limited to any one type, size, or sector of company. 

So, you could be delivering elements of a prepaid Finance service package to a small engineering business for a few hours a week, advising a professional services company on?growth, risk reduction and profit maximisation?for a few days thereafter, and helping a scale-up tech business deliver the best outcomes for investors, staff, and customers in between. 

We’ll help you find clients, but you decide who’s on your books and who isn’t. 

We’ll support you in finding clients.

Get more back 

It’s not just what you earn that matters – it’s how much of it you get to keep, and as an Associate working for yourself at EFM you’re likely to be eligible for certain financial benefits. 

For example, costs and legitimate business expenses can be set against your tax liability, to reduce it. The more the earn with EFM, the more you keep over time as the royalty you pay reduces. 

At the same time, there are also grants available for those setting up new businesses, so you may be able to source some timely financial support for those very early days where revenue might be slower. 

Work from the poolside 

And yes, the days of going to the office in a suit and working under the fluorescent strip-lighting are no longer a must! 

Work from your home office, your summerhouse, your kitchen table, next to a hotel pool – wherever you can be productive – and dress in whatever way combines personal comfort with the image you’re happy for your clients to see. 

What the “F” in EFM stands for 

In short, at EFM we’re all about Finance, but we’re all about Freedom, too – and that’s why our Associate network is growing impressively. 

If your Finance career is at a point where you think it makes sense for you to do things differently, there’s a welcome waiting for you here. 

Why not find out more – and join us.

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