Jon Pennells
Remote, East England

Helping SMEs maximise their potential through strong financial guidance and by helping them to understand and control profit, cash, and their future direction

With more than 30 years’ experience in senior Finance roles across sectors and business types, ranging from a boutique estate agency to a Big Four accounting firm, Jon has earned a reputation for driving change, developing people, and focusing firmly on the business fundamentals. Proactive, with a firm belief that Finance should be valued for its central role in strengthening the business’s performance, Jon is as at home being “a Finance department of one” in startup businesses as he is building, nurturing, and leading Finance teams and project groups in larger environments. Developing people, optimising processes, implementing new systems, devising methods for monitoring and measuring success – these are all part of Jon’s determination to deliver continuous improvement to the business. But he is also a savvy communicator, putting his many years of project stakeholder management to effective use to articulate “the story that the numbers tell”, whatever his audience and its level of Finance literacy.




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