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Oct 27 2023 Business Updates

While ‘pay-as-you-go’ financial management services have grown in popularity over the last few years, it’s not new to us. At EFM, we have been providing businesses with an affordable way to have an experienced financier working in their business for over 20 years. We’re proud of the work our associates do, whether it’s project work or supporting them long term. Today, we want to introduce you to one of our associates who exemplifies this. 

About Steve 

Steve Gunning is a Finance Director with over 20 years’ experience in senior management positions within the finance industry. His career began with Barclays Bank, where he gained experience in both personal and business banking. Since then, his experience has included working as the Chief Accountant at a stockbroker, helping a number of subsidiaries of overseas groups and Company Accountant at an AIM listed PLC. 

All this experience means he has become well-versed in working with investors, shareholders, company bankers and external auditors. During these years, Steve also developed a talent we know our customers appreciate: taking complex financial figures and translating them into clear, useful, and understandable information for business owners. 

The beginnings with EFM 

Steve then joined EFM in 2007, although this wasn’t initially as an associate. Instead, he was one of our employees. Working inside the business and seeing our model, Steve was impressed, recognising the value we offer to businesses. 

Therefore, in 2012, Steve asked to move from employee to associate. This was also a logical move for him as he was looking to move to the Southwest. Having a portfolio as an associate would give him more freedom and make this move easier. But until this point, he had only worked as an employee and had no experience in going out and winning his own work. But by working with EFM, we could give him a client base and support him in transitioning from employee to associate. 

Steve’s success with EFM 

Steve has experienced phenomenal success since becoming an associate. He has a mixed portfolio comprising of around seven clients, six of which he works for on a regular basis. Steve also carries out project work for several clients who continue to return to him for support. Steve’s portfolio is mainly in London and the Northern Home Counties, but also is largely delivered on a flexible model, working off-site and onsite as required, and covers a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, sales and distribution, and media. His lifetime billings are substantial, and he regularly bills at a rate of over £100k per annum. 

One of his largest clients is an Alternative Investment Market (AIM) listed PLC, demonstrating most companies do not need a full-time FD. Here, he has taken on a varied role as the Head of Finance. 

Testament to Steve’s success is his high retention rate. Many of his clients have been with him since he became an associate ten years ago. Clearly, they are more than happy with his work! 

The support your business wants 

Drawing on his varied experience, Steve supports our clients with a vast array of financial tasks, from budgets to financial restructuring. Steve doesn’t just analyse the figures, he interprets these and translates them into the meaningful information his clients need, whether for external discussions or management meetings. This allows our clients to make the best, informed decisions about the future. 

To discuss how our associates could support your business, whether you’re facing a challenge or wishing to grow, get in touch to book your one-to-one consultation today


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